Welcome to Bloodline

SET server, Full T3, city renown 20.

We are actively seeking to increase our raid force in order to accommodate all levels of raiders from all time zones. We currently run T1/T2/T3 Raids weekly and T4 progression as well as many K6. 

We welcome returning vets and new players alike.

We are just working our way through T4 and seek dedicated raiders to join our force and push through to the end. Why join a guild that is farming T4 and be another cog when you can enjoy the spoils and respect for doing for the first time with friends in the heat of battle.

Bloodline was formed shortly after launch of AOC from the merger of a few small guilds and we are still standing strong. It is our belief that quality trumps quantity and value friendship and enjoyment of the game above all else.

We currently offer all raiding, K6 teams, PVP nights, and even have an RP section of the guild for those who have interest. It is our goal to offer everything Conan has to offer.

We run a relaxed environment with quality guild leaders and officers dedicated to helping out and maximizing the overall experience.

It is our goal to raid, siege, pvp, and reach the top without becoming to big for our own good but big enough to do it all.

Expect an Adult environment with no drama.

Raiders, K6’rs, and pvp’rs will be subject to a Ventrilo interview and are required to have a mic.